Patented Thermochemical Liquefaction Process 

Advanced recycling of plastic waste into petrochemical products which can be further refined into fuels, waxes, and new plastic production.


A wide variety of plastic waste arrives from industrial and recycling factories ready to be fed into the system. Alterra has developed a large database of plastic waste material and process characteristics, which along with our thermodynamic and kinetic models, predict key system parameters and product quality.


The plastic waste is fed into the pre-pyrolysis processor where it is heated, mixed with an additive and densified. This ensures the waste plastic is consistent for processing.


The plastic waste is heated in the absence of oxygen until it breaks down into a condensable hydrocarbon vapor and noncondensable gas. Alterra’s pyrolysis vessel ensures predictable outcomes achieved under a controlled environment within the reactor system.


The hydrocarbon vapor is then cooled into a liquid petrochemical product which can be further refined into fuels, waxes and feedstock for new plastic production. Noncondensable gas is routed back to the system for energy recovery.


The product is shipped to customers, thus enabling the circular economy.


Alterra utilizes a patented thermochemical liquefaction technology based on thermodynamics, kinetics and process chemistry to achieve an efficient, continuous advanced recycling process with relatively low upfront investment and operating costs.  

Continuous Process 

Process & Product Flexibility without the use of a Proprietary Catalyst

Wide Range of Input Material

High Quality Output 

Low Operating Cost

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