Patented thermochemical liquefaction process technology

Transforming plastic waste into petrochemical feedstock which can be further refined into fuels, waxes, and new plastic production

Thermal Depolymerization

This is the process in which large-chain polymers (plastic waste) are broken down into small-chain polymers (gases and liquids) achieved by heating the materials for a specific amount of time within an oxygen-free container. 

Alterra’s process provides

predictable outcomes via a continuous conversion environment having sequential zones with progressive temperatures and residence times. This is optimally tuned to provide the highest product quantity and quality at the lowest operating cost, when using a heterogeneous mixture of waste plastics.

Melting and thermal

cracking of the plastic and vaporization of the resultant liquid hydrocarbons occur under controlled and progressive environments within the reactor system. The resultant hydrocarbon vapors are condensed into various high-value, hydrocarbon products.

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