Our Team

A Family With a Shared Vision

Our goal is to help create a sustainable, circular plastics economy through our people, our market-leading technology, innovation, passion, and commitment to future generations. Together, we can and will solve plastic pollution.

Our Leadership

Significant Expertise in Sustainability

Our leadership team brings significant expertise in sustainability, renewable energy, petrochemicals, and structured finance to lead the energy transition through a plastic circularity revolution.

Fred Schmuck

Chief Executive Officer

Jeremy DeBenedictis


Gene Pringle

Chief Financial Officer

Kevin Dressler

Director of Business Development & Licensing

Katie Murphy

HR & Talent Manager

Elisa Reyes

Director of Accounting

Scott Sass

Director of Technology

Bobby VerBrugge

Director of Operations

James Horrox

Director of Recycling Development

Rich Simon

Director of Feedstock Development

Angela Sot

Marketing & Community Outreach Manager

Ian Brophy

Engineering Manager

Kelly Ng-Feng

Business Development Advisor, Feedstock

Camilo Riascos

Production Manager

Matt Sharkey

Technical Services Manager

Nick VanSuch

Principal Engineer

Stan Prybyla Ph.D.

Chief Scientist

Join The Solution

Be Part of Our Team

We have some of the brightest minds in engineering, operations, and strategy on our team. We are accelerating our partners’ sustainability capabilities using cutting edge technology that assists in achieving the global imperative of plastic reuse in order to clean the planet. That takes a multi-disciplinary team of innovators and thought leaders to tackle. If you want to be a part of our rapidly growing team, please get in touch.