Our Purpose

Dedicated to Environmental Sustainability

Everything we do is centered on creating a cleaner planet for future generations, incentivizing the world to think of discarded plastic as an infinitely renewed resource and to join in on our inficycling™ journey.

Creating a

Cleaner Planet

For Today and Tomorrow

 Alterra is committed to environmental sustainability. It’s who we are and it’s what we wake up thinking about. Everything we do is aimed squarely on creating a cleaner planet for future generations. We know that we need to take action in order to preserve our environment for tomorrow. We envision a society free from landfilling, incinerating, or exporting discarded plastic. Our mission is to globally license plastic circularity technology which creates a valued resource from hard-to-recycle plastic, enabling carbon circularity and Solving Plastic Pollution®. Plastics belong in the circular economy, not in the environment!

Transitional Innovation

Our solution addresses society’s inevitable imperative of plastic reuse in order for the planet to thrive.

Environmental Investment

Our technology keeps hard-to-recycle plastics out of landfills, minimizing the reliance on fossil fuels for new plastics.

Economic Impact

Our process converts plastics back into their original building blocks to produce new plastics and other valuable products.


Join the Movement

Help Reverse the Course of Plastic Pollution

The movement to inficycle™ more of the world’s discarded plastic and turn it into an infinite resource is real. It’s happening with consumers who are demanding new products be made with renewed plastic. It’s happening with manufacturers who are seeking new ways to turn plastic into a renewable resource that meets sustainability goals, minimizing reliance on fossil fuels for plastic production.

Join the Solution

Be Part of Our Team

We have some of the brightest minds in engineering, operations, and strategy in this industry. As we continue to deploy our sustainable solution to our global partners, it requires a multidisciplinary team of innovators. If you want to be a part of our rapidly growing team, please get in touch.