In 2018, the journal of Science Advances reported the first-ever study of all the plastics ever made—and the findings were alarming.  Of the 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic that had been produced, 6.3 billion metric tons became plastic waste. And of that, only 9% has been recycled. The vast majority, almost 80%, is sitting in landfills or is now litter.

Now as countries, companies and consumers shift their thinking about the future of our planet, the traditional linear economy mentality of “make it, use it, dispose of it” is rapidly being cast away in favor of a more circular economy.

The Alterra Answer

Alterra Energy is re-imagining plastic waste. Our vision is for a society free from landfilling and incinerating plastic waste. Utilizing our technology, we are solving the plastic pollution epidemic on a global scale.

Alterra has developed and commercialized the world’s first continuous chemical recycling technology, converting plastic destined for the landfill back into petrochemical products. These products can be further refined into fuels, waxes and new plastic production. 

Alterra’s Akron plant is a successfully commercialized, 60 ton-per-day facility, diverting millions of pounds of plastic waste from landfills. Our team of engineers, experts and partners are driven by one purpose: creating a cleaner planet for future generations.

Start your own revolution 

Create a cleaner planet for future generations.

We believe Alterra’s technology can be part of the solution to slow down—and even reverse—the problem of plastic pollution.

Alterra Energy is licensing its thermochemical liquefaction technology to entities looking to recycle more challenging plastics or seeking more sustainable products. 

Our proprietary process supports global climate efforts in two ways: One, by reducing dependency on fossil fuels and two, by diverting plastic waste away from oceans, landfills, and incinerators. 

Alterra is partnering with solid waste industries, government entities, petrochemical companies to change our global outcome.

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