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Changing The Way Plastic is Made And Renewed

Our technology takes hard-to-recycle plastics and converts them back into their original building blocks. These Infinitely Renewed Plastics™ can be made and remade without the use of new fossil fuels. See how you can join us in the movement to solve plastic pollution.

We Can All Do More

Working Together

It’s never too late to join the movement and reverse the course of plastic pollution. We started in 2009 and never looked back. Today, we are part of the solution along with companies across the globe, and your company can do the same. We envision a day when all plastics are infinitely renewed through our licensed technology or other processes that have not yet been discovered. What matters now is that the movement to a circular plastics economy is real, it’s proven, and it’s effective in solving the world’s plastic pollution problem. And we do it through Infinitely Renewed Plastics™.

Picking Up Litter

Sometimes we may think that simply picking up 1 piece of litter is insignificant but I’m on the front line of a world changing technology that will ensure that piece of litter has a home in the economy. This is a giant, societal science-experiment that will have a lasting impact on the world.

 Jesse Groff
Operations & Maintenance Technician

Consume Responsibly

All materials that are produced by mankind have a lifecycle, but most consumers don’t take the time to reflect on where the products they use come from, or where they will end up upon being discarded. By choosing to be mindful of the decisions we make as consumers, we can preserve the environment and be good stewards of the earth for future generations.

Michael Lind
Process Engineer

Educating Others

Public scrutiny of “traditional” recycling has revealed that Alterra’s mission and technology are more prescient than ever.  A tremendous opportunity lies in engaging with community and industry leaders to illustrate our clear path to solving plastic pollution.

Michael Nolte
Electrical & Controls Engineer

Remembering to Recycle

Recycling is important for me and my family because we want to create a better future for our kids and other generations to come. We want our kids to have that mindset going forward as well.

Nick May
Operations & Maintenance Technician

Join The Solution

Be Part of Our Team

We have some of the brightest minds in engineering, operations, and strategy on our team. We are accelerating our partners’ sustainability capabilities using cutting edge technology that assists in achieving the global imperative of plastic reuse in order to clean the planet. That takes a multi-disciplinary team of innovators and thought leaders to tackle. If you want to be part of our rapidly growing team, please get in touch.